Sha-Bin-Di Arabians
About a lifelong passion

For many years my mother said her first mistake was getting me a rocking horse when I was about three years old.

Lucky for me, one of my mom's sisters happened to live on a farm, and my uncle liked ponies! I had a great deal to learn.

At about four years of age, my sister and I saw Walt Disney's film,

As a ten year old, my first sight of an Arabian horse is forever seared in my mind, and how vivid is that memory: Brilliant white, with a long flowing mane and tail, arched neck, prancing hooves and Oh! that tail! Dark, flashing eyes, and nostrils that couldn't be opened any further!

Such strength! Such movement!

This was how a horse was supposed to look!

I promised myself then and there--one day, I would own such a creature!

Viewing Fantasia at its "50th Anniversary" in 1990, I was awestruck when I saw the "Pegasus" segment (you can see it on youtube).

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that when I had seen that Arabian stallion as a ten year old child, I had seen--in the flesh--the fantasy horse of that artistic masterpiece!

The childhood promise to myself to one day own such a creature as that white Arabian stallion has been fulfilled with SELKET UNTIL!

But, that is getting ahead of the story...

My dad let my sister and me take riding lessons.

When my uncle's pony Mitsy, had a filly--I was allowed to train "Ginger Britches." 

I started working with Ginger when she was about eight months old. Eventually, she could ride and drive, single or double.

The promise to myself of an Arabian horse had not been forgotten.

I called, without first asking my parents, when a half Arabian, 2 year old filly was advertised. Mom and Dad purchased the filly, she was named Shawn, and I began her training.

My parents, forced by the death of my uncle, told me I had to find a new place to keep the horses. Monthly board for the horse and ponies I had would cost too much!

So, at 19 years of age and making $1.60 an hour, I refinanced a pickup truck, and purchased 10 acres of vacant land on land contract.

The attraction to Arabian blood continued, Shawn was bred, and the resultant 3/4 filly was named Dejeddah.

Perhaps I would have been satisfied with the partbreds, but new people from Minnesota moved into the neighborhood. They had Arabians, too--and asked if they could board some of their horses with me while they went back for more...

How enriched my life became when I met Jim Andreson and Bill Drew of Selket Arabians...

My breath was taken away when I first saw one of their mares, Zadeana. She had an aura about her, a regal bearing, an extreme beauty that remains difficult for me to describe.

I seemed compelled, from knowing this mare, to raise purebred  Arabians such as perpetuate, like many before me, the ancient desert breed...

The name Sha-Bin-Di Arabians was chosen as a tribute to my first three equine friends from whom I learned so much.

Sha--for Shawn. Bin--for Ginger Britches, and Di for Dejeddah.
(Di just looked better than De.)

Continuing in the Crabbet tradition, it is my hope, to join in leaving a legacy for future generations. Let's work together!

My childhood promise fulfilled with ...  Until.

My uncle driving Mitsy (left) and Ginger, 1966.

...a regal bearing...
Zadeana's grandson, Selket Until

Sha-Bin-Di Arabians, Nancy Snow, 22401 Springer Rd., Vicksburg, Michigan  49097    269-649-3828

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